Monday, July 26, 2010

CSS Mouse Properties

Windows users are accustomed to using the mouse on a variety of styles will definitely be familiar, when the mouse moves to a different place, when the mouse need to perform different functions, when the system is in a different state, would make the mouse shape of change.
Although the network has a variety of mouse available for download, graphics variety, but the default on Windows systems, these graphics are fixed. Change the properties of the mouse, it simply is that when the mouse moves to a different element of the object above, let the mouse in different shapes, patterns display. This style is by changing the "cursor" property to complete. Following the completed form to the Department of the mouse properties are listed, for reference:

Keywords interpretation and Legend

Keyword explain
auto mouse according to the default state of the elements on the page itself according to changes in style.
crosshair precise positioning, "10" character.
default default pointer
hand hand
move move
e-resize arrow toward the right
ne-resize arrow towards the top right
nw-resize arrow toward the upper left
n-resize arrow toward the top
se-resize arrow toward the lower right
sw-resize arrow toward the lower left
s-resize arrow towards the bottom
w-resize arrow towards the left
text text "I"-shaped
wait wait
help help

In the dynamic pages in the proper kind of mouse can sometimes play with these unexpected results. For example, a link is to help file, so can be used to help form the mouse. There are some need to use mouse events page, if you want to tell the user where to click the mouse, as long as the specific location on the page so that the mouse into a hand, the user will identify the active regions on the page.

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