Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cisco "NOW Van" trip to China depart

With Cisco Unified Communications is the main character to "NOW Van" as a platform to demonstrate the need for SMEs in different stages of network technologies and solutions, hair force SME market.

September 22, Cisco Mobile Exhibition Center (NOW Van) in Beijing's Zhongguancun e officially opened the world of digital square of its trip to China, whose starting line is north, way to Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Jinan and Qingdao, more than 10 cities, display to users in these areas for Cisco manufacturing, health care, education, hotels and other industry networking solutions.

"NOW" is the Network on Wheels (wheels on the network) of the narrow, its platform is a specially designed and modified bus, NOW Van is a display needs of SMEs in different stages of network technology solutions, including security, IP communications, mobile and network infrastructure management applications. In 2003, NOW Van first started in the United States, there are now 14 mobile exhibition center ((NOW Van) in the United States, Canada, Japan, India, China and other countries continued to run.

It is worth noting, "NOW Van" trip to China is the leading Cisco Unified Communications UC (Unified Commu-nications) solution. For SMEs in China, UC is practical?

Cisco Systems (China) Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Division, said Wang Yun, UC in the Chinese business enterprises, has application examples, such as Yangshengtang Co. Ltd., Cisco hopes to be able to communicate brought UC to take a new experience out to share with the Chinese SMEs. Wang Yun's view, China is facing SMEs, the cost, efficiency, customer satisfaction, the four major challenges to business innovation, and unified communications is to help them cope with the challenges of the important innovation of these techniques.

UC uses the industry-leading Cisco IP Communications portfolio including Cisco CallManager, Cisco Unity, Cisco MeetingPlace, Cisco IP Contact Center. In the UC in, IP phone is not just technology products category, but as the work of intelligent terminals, in-depth integration into the company's business to achieve simple, efficient, accurate and ubiquitous communication.

Currently, Cisco has more than 30,000 companies worldwide sales of 8 million users IP phones, which more than 80 customers have deployed over 5,000 IP phones, Cisco nearly 12,000 a day to replace the traditional telephone sets. "We want to help Chinese businesses to meet the voice, video, data and mobile 'quadruple' era." Wang Yun said.

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