Friday, October 15, 2010

Contribute something to do on the sales

We often see many factory salesman, look busy all day, travel is also very frequent, but that do not increase performance, throughout the year, sales have not increased the cost to it, so elimination of eventually. In fact, what they are doing?

One clerk into Merchandiser

All day long but will call: "When will the next one?" "When money?" "Goods selling?" Trilogy. Into a single work with sales, sales by the dealers themselves to do, good luck to meet a good distributor and your company brand famous, of course easy to handle, sales may be guaranteed; if the dealer is unable to meet the agent or dealer brand more and more similar products, your product can only sleep on the warehouse. After a year or so to give out because I do not know Sha Agency.

Second, agents pass into the microphone

Clerk to the dealer per month to communicate the work of marketing plans, communication of corporate policy, or what the dealer requests, reporting directly to the sales manager, simply do not have their own views, has never done market analysis, they do not see changes in the market, no one competitor is not clear, a blind pass the microphone.

Third, agents become experts

Markets every day there is definitely a problem, today is the product quality problems, tomorrow is the bill was not structured, the day after tomorrow is FALSIFYING, Tai Houtian is the terminal out of stock ... .... Clerk ran a dealer today deal with the problem went to dealer B, where tomorrow deal with the problem. Salesman become expert.

4, salesman became Coordinator

Salesman as the coordinator of manufacturers and dealers, distributors and dealers as the coordinator, which is understandable, but most of the time on the coordination of the above it is not right.

So, agents should Zenmeyangzuo it correct? I think the most important thing is to do the work contribute to the sales. Of course, business is about profits, but few companies have the profit as a standard assessment clerk. Therefore, the sales volume is the first. Zenmeyangzuo Caidui that contribute to sales?

First, select the marketable products

This is a salesman for small businesses is particularly important, because unlike large enterprises as small businesses are marketing, product planning department to do them all by the market, while small business is not, he is usually the clerk of the changes in various markets give advice, the factory made a ready market. Sometimes have to target consumers based on market competition and demand to make a decision, So, many small company that he would soon make a response Tuichu 浜у搧 is this reason. As a small business you have to seriously study the benchmark salesman enterprise products, your company's goal of competing products, what kind of products in the market where you manage your marketing well, you are very necessary to study together with your dealer The market should sell into any product. For example, Guangdong household paper, for example, northeastern, and are two very different markets, mainly in eastern Guangdong market, sales of paper-based soft-pumping, while the western Guangdong is mainly based on selling toilet paper rolls. You should also look to local consumption habits, such as the Hong Kong market, your package can not be used black or purple, in Hong Kong called "dead color." You say people will buy "dead color" packaging products?

Secondly, distribution, distribution, and then Distribution Issues

No distribution in place there is no sale. Even the brand of a product better, no matter how high profile, there is no distribution in place consumers on the shelf not see your product, to enterprises, the products can not reach the hands of consumers, not marketing your products out. As P & G said: "You are the world's best products, the best advertising support, sales point if consumers can not buy them, you can not complete the sale!" As a sales assessment indicator system is how to complete the distribution rate. Therefore, we see Coca-Cola's sales staff to complete customer visits each day the number of 30, 40.

Thirdly, manage prices

Price management is a neglected part of many salesmen. Companies generally have a standardized product in the launch of the product pricing well, taking the selling price, the wholesale price for the retail end prices, retail price of the terminal, the terminal special. To all aspects of profitability are clearly calculated to allow clerk at a glance, let dealers visions. The price the dealer both have control, but also alert to regional changing products play a role. No price guide dealers in some areas, particularly the exclusive distributor of the region may raise the price very high, because there is no standard, this will affect sales, but it is less to do dealers make more; opposite A class is a cheap changing products. Therefore, manufacturers of effective price management to help distributors and retailers to develop and regulate a reasonable price, to ensure product sales.

Fourth, manage promotions

On each quarter, as manufacturers have the basic marketing plan, we have seen many salesmen on the channel promotions Ye Hao, or consumer promotions Ye Hao, basically let the dealers and retailers own operation, promotional products and promotional items are not properly implemented, this will obviously result in waste of resources. Marketing plan was sound, but the lack of effective control clerk, work place, and finally did not mean to do. Good marketing plan, the salesperson must supply of products, gifts and help sell products, sales staff, store image, the whole process of management activities.

The above work is able to play a direct sales role, as the manufacturers take a good salesperson should always focus on their work, not into errors. Of course, there is an impact on sales of products and vivid, dealer inventory management, customer intelligence and so on. But each time, each manufacturer has a different, each region has different, which is influential on the current sales, it will only gradually began to feel himself a salesman.



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